International shipping

International shipping is one of the main activities of Parus.

We offer:

  • full range of logistics services from the sender’s warehouse to the recipient’s warehouse
  • optimization of the delivery route, taking into account the advantages of sea, rail and road transport
  • online updates on the location of the cargo

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Air shipping
Maritime shipping
Road shipping
Rail shipping
Air shipping

For shipments with tight deadlines, we deliver by air.

Thanks to our wide network of partners, we provide the best rates.

We will prepare all necessary documents, draw up supporting documentation according to the requirements, and ensure the completion of customs clearance procedures.

Maritime shipping

We carry out container shipping of any type of cargo, including hazardous and oversized cargo.

Ports of entry in the Far East of Russia – Vladivostok, Nakhodka, Vostochny.

Ports of entry in the western part of Russia – Novorossiysk, Saint Petersburg.

Partnerships with major maritime shipping companies.

Road shipping

International road shipping is one of the most popular and fastest ways to deliver cargo from Europe.

The main advantage of this shipping method is that the cargo is removed from the warehouse, cleared and delivered to the recipient's warehouse without additional loading and unloading operations, which can damage or spoil the goods.

Rail shipping

Many years of experience in rail shipping and our own equipment provide our customers with confidence in safety at all stages of transportation, as well as strict adherence to delivery dates.

We arrange transportation of cargo of various purposes, sizes and features, using different types of container equipment.

Vladivostok – Moscow and Vladivostok – Novosibirsk train services depart promptly according to schedule.

We guarantee

Prompt delivery time
Air from 2 days; rail China – Moscow from 14 days; sea + rail from Asia, USA, India from 20 days; road from Europe from 3 days; sea from Europe, Turkey, USA and India from 14 days.
Five cargo pickup stations in Vladivostok
Cargo handling without delays or queues.
In-house equipment
Fleet of well cars, train service: Vladivostok – Moscow and Vladivostok – Novosibirsk. Reduced delivery time and costs.
Consolidated cargo
Service with weekly shipments of consolidated cargo weighing no less than 100 kg from Asia, Europe and USA.
Consolidation warehouses
Consolidation warehouses in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Busan, Vilnius, Gdansk, Vladivostok and Moscow.
Online cargo tracking
You can track the progress of the container online in the mobile app and your account on the website.

Calculation of delivery price

    Please note!
    1. We do not deliver personal belongings.
    2. We do not work with individuals.
    3. We only ship cargo weighing over 100 kg.
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