Working Cases section


In the field of customs clearance and logistics, as in any other, not always everything is simple and smooth. We also have unexpected situations that need to be dealt with immediately as they arise. And we always try to minimize the number of such cases when working with our customers.

One of the examples from our practice:

A customer ordered swimming pools and badminton shuttlecocks from China.

After arriving at the port and filing the customs declaration, a customs inspection was scheduled. During the process, it was revealed that the pools are designed for children under 14 years of age, they are subject to mandatory certification and must be properly labeled.

As a result, only part of the cargo – the badminton shuttlecocks – was cleared.

As for the pools, it was decided to re-export them to our warehouse in Vilnius, because of all the possible options it was the most cost-effective for the customer to prepare the appropriate labeling on the goods and order approval documents.

After re-export, the cargo was sent back to Russia and successfully cleared.