Shipping of oversized cargo


Features of oversized international shipments.

Oversized shipments are one of the most time-consuming and expensive types of shipments. In addition to the standard assessment of the cargo and the route, they require competent selection of the type of transport and components of multimodal shipping, taking into account all possible risks, as well as the development of schemes of loading and securing in accordance with international standards.

Our company has been working with this type of cargo for some time and is ready to reveal some of its features.

Any type of goods with packaging exceeding the standard transport dimensions may be considered oversized. However, the main ones are: industrial and other equipment, various rolling equipment, large spare parts, etc.

  • The special feature of shipping these goods is the need for an individual approach.

This includes packaging, choice of route and the vehicle and container for shipping, based on the size of the cargo, preparation of a special permit for oversized cargo and much more.

Available modes of transport:

  • Road shipping

– High speed.

– Optimal costs.

It is the fastest option. Shipping can be carried out by 53-foot trailers, lowboy trailers and special semi-trailers ‘to the door’ of the recipient.

  • Rail shipping

– Good speed.

– Optimal costs on long routes.

Used to arrange the delivery of equipment over considerable distances inland or in hard-to-reach areas of the country. This option is often used only as a link in a multimodal scheme.

  • Water transport

– Low cost.

– Virtually unlimited possibilities for cargo capacity.

It is the most inexpensive and common option. Shipping can be carried in special containers, by ferries or bulk carriers for those types of cargo that are inaccessible to other modes of transport because of its size.

  • Multimodal shipping (combined shipping)

– Minimal cost.

– Unlimited possibilities in terms of delivery areas.

This option is relevant when arranging shipping of machine tools or other equipment from distant countries, when the use of several modes of transport for delivery to the recipient’s warehouse is the only possible option.


  • Oversized shipments from Europe require complex logistical schemes. Their implementation requires a special permit. Transportation is carried out by special equipment – lowboy trailers, semi-trailers, heavy-duty trailers, ferries, bulk carriers, special flat cars, special containers.
  • Shipping of commercial equipment or production lines from China and the United States is carried out involving water transport, which imposes minimum restrictions on weight and dimensions of the cargo. Special containers, ferries, bulk carriers are provided for such shipping.

But how do we determine the best route and transport for oversized cargo? Our specialists are ready to consult you on any issue and provide a full delivery price calculation for the cargo in the shortest possible time.

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