About us


The history of Parus began in the city of Vladivostok

People who live in the Far East have their own historically established attitude to life and work – they are enterprising people who can be relied on and who do their work with quality and consistency. This is where we opened our first office and started working and growing.

Knowing how crowded the customs clearance and logistics market is with intermediary services, one of the company’s priority goals was to do everything ourselves and “get our hands dirty”. After all, this is the only way to guarantee a result and be responsible for the quality of services provided. This has been and will always be the case. Currently, Parus has offices in five cities in our country, and I want to introduce you to some of them:


This is a working space of 600 m2, which, of course, is filled with people – lots of people! And this is our crucial asset. Most of the employees have been with the company for more than five years, and they are professionals with a capital P. All departments are represented here: the sales department, customer service department, financial department and, most notably, the customs clearance and logistics department, since the lion’s share of the company’s cargo is cleared and processed in Vladivostok.

When you start working with us, you will be surprised at how quickly and gracefully the seemingly ‘unpleasant’ procedure of customs clearance is carried out.

о нас


We have a central sales office in Moscow. Our energetic and confident young professionals know the company’s product very well. These are the people you meet at exhibitions and talk to at negotiations. Thanks to them, you learn about our company and may decide to become our customer. We are proud of each and every one of them!

Saint Petersburg

The second largest office after Vladivostok. And it is always hot in here! Work is always in full swing at this office. We always strive to meet customer needs by continuously working on ourselves and the quality of our services.

If you are located in central Russia, it is more likely that you will be in contact with customer service at the Saint Petersburg office. And you are always welcome!

On the one hand, our employees have a lot of experience, and, on the other hand, we are young and focused on development and improvement. We want to make this business better and be the best in the business.