Import of dried fruit and nuts in Russia


Do you like dried fruit and nuts? Are you committed to a healthy lifestyle?

Then there is good news for you – firstly, you are right on trend, because the global trend today is to consume exclusively healthy food while avoiding unhealthy snacks and, secondly, since last year the prices of these healthy products began to decline gradually, and their import has increased. Thus, INC experts predict an increase in global production of nuts and dried fruit of 25%.

“In order to preserve the quality of products and optimize prices for consumers, we, as distributors, thoroughly approached the choice of partners in logistics and customs clearance,” says Alexander Silchenko, director of Kvadrat LLC, which imports nuts and dried fruit from the Philippines.

 – When choosing a logistics partner, we were looking for a company with its own container fleet, rail platforms, truck fleet and temporary storage warehouses (the full range optimizes the cost) and chose Transit, which meets these requirements.

Customs clearance for us is handled by the market leader, Parus LLC, which has a large staff of specialists, offices in Russia and Asia, and offers convenient tracking of cargo in the mobile app. Thanks to this glorious trio, healthy, fragrant, tasty and inexpensive dried fruit and nuts from sunny countries will appear on our table.

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