1,035 companies have chosen Parus


1,035 companies have chosen Parus for customs clearance.

Yes, that’s right, we were surprised too that we didn’t notice the beginning of the second thousand.

We continue to expand, open new offices and move into bigger ones.

For us, it’s not just figures, but recognition and trust from our customers, we are very proud of it and value it highly.

Among our customers are both giant enterprises and small businesses, we appreciate each of them and pay special attention to service.

Each client has a personal manager, who is always available to talk.

You can always track the progress of the container in the mobile app and on the website.

We have 80 employees in customs clearance and 150 employees in logistics.

Parus Customs Representative and each employee of the company are aiming for long-term and fruitful cooperation and are always ready to solve the most complicated tasks.

Thank you for your choice and trust!